Loft Ventilation Products

If you’re planning to ventilate your loft, you may assume that you will only need one type of product. However, because proper ventilation requires both intake and exhaust vents, you will need to use several loft ventilation products to maximize the effectiveness of this upgrade.

Soffit Vents

The purpose of soffit vents is to pull fresh air into a loft. This helps to cool the area. Soffit intake vents can be used in conjunction with a wide range of exhaust vents. Soffit vents with Louver spacing provide protection against the elements without requiring a screen. The reasons this type of protection is superior to vents that require screens are because it:

  • Is ember proof
    • Won’t get clogged by dirt or dust
    • Increases the amount of air that is able to flow
    • Keeps bugs from crawling through the vent

Soffit vents are available in multiple colors, including white, green, brown and black. It’s also possible to purchase soffit vents that aren’t painted. The price of a soffit vent ranges from $1 to $18. An unpainted vent will cost between $1 and $12. The factor that determines it price is its length. An 8 inch unpainted vent costs $1, 40 inches $5, 72 inches $9 and 96 inches $12. Each painted vent you purchase will cost between $1.50 and $18. An 8 inch painted vent costs $1.50, 40 inches $7.50, 72 inches $13.50 and 96 inches $18.

Roof Vent

While soffit vents will take care of pulling fresh air into your loft, you also need a way to pull existing air out of this space. Roof vents are the loft ventilation product that will take care of that function. One of the useful features of this type of vent is that it’s able to pull air out of a loft without requiring the use of moving parts. That makes it possible to prevent hot air from accumulating without worrying about having a vent that requires a lot of ongoing maintenance.

It also makes this type of vent fairly easy to install. Because a roof vent will prevent the air in a loft from getting extremely hot, it will reduce the amount of energy that a home uses throughout the year. Many homeowners aren’t aware of the fact that proper loft ventilation is just as important during the winter months as it is throughout the summer. Roof vents range in diameter from 4 to 48 inches. Their collar ranges from 2 to 12 inches. Depending on their size, a roof vent will cost between $103 and $1,070.


Although baffles aren’t a type of intake or exhaust vent, they play an important role in loft ventilation. The role of baffles is to make sure air is able to freely flow from ridge vents. Thanks to the durable material that is used to make them, baffles are able to block unwanted wind and moisture from entering your loft. You can purchase a pack of ten baffles for $25.


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